Born and raised in New York City,  I have always been attracted to and moved by its visual nuances.  With the escalating gentrification of neighborhoods throughout the boroughs, important aspects of the city’s visual identity are rapidly disappearing including unique vintage signage and urban decay that contain vestiges of past times.  This has inspired me to pictorially capture and document as many of these elements as I possibly can before they are lost forever.


To create this New York City pictorial, I have called upon my fine arts, textile and interior design background which has given me a unique sense of color and composition. 


 I am a graduate of New York University with a degree in Fine Art.  My career as a textile designer, for numerous converters and manufacturers in both the fashion and home furnishings industries has given me a broad base of design experience. I studied Interior Design at The Parson’s School of Design and in Paris at the Museum of Decorative Arts where the focus was French architecture and furniture.  New York City is the base for my photography.  I also specialize in portrait painting and millinery.  


Enjoy the images I have captured, which may last longer than the subjects themselves.


                                                                           Roseanne Spano Swider

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